Who made this? The website and server were written by Florian. Name suggested (and upcoming Android app written) by Gabriel. Special thanks to Edan, Devesh, and Ryan for helpful feedback. Initial concept by Andre. Thank you to all friends and family for support!

When does a room disappear? An empty room (no one connected, no suggestions, no queue) disappears within two hours. A room with connected users disappears after two days of inactivity (no new songs, no playing songs).

Any keyboard shortcuts? Press A or + to add a song. Spacebar to mute/unmute. A couple more, but those were the most important.

What song is going to play next? The song with the highest score. If two songs have the same score, the older one. Songs with a score below zero don't play.

What does deciso mean? Deciso is Italian for determined, it is also a musical term (with determination).


33 rooms open right now (254 created ever). 0 users connected. 234 songs added.


Not all of Deciso! was written and created by one person. Several pieces of code, artwork, and other resources were created by others. Below is a list of such resources: